Hi, I’m Alexandra! My online name is Nonna Ahimsa; Nonna means Grandmother in Italian and Ahimsa is the yogic principle of non violence. I am a vegan artisan creating designs around themes of compassion, spirituality, nature and veganism. I also teach Yoga, Meditation and Reiki.

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About Me


I am a vegan, a Yoga and Meditation Teacher and a Reiki Master. I also love to paint and create. I have just moved back to the UK after living for 12 years on the beautiful island of Sardinia, Italy.

Whilst there I ran a Yurt Glamping Retreat, created and hosted Yoga & Meditation retreats and taught Yoga and Meditation to local villages.

Now I am back in the UK and am sharing my passion for Ahimsa, the yogic principle of non violence, by creating hand made gifts around this theme of yoga, compassion, nature and Ahimsa.

I currently create mostly dot art on glass canvases but have also used other mediums and styles of painting, including nature murals and paintings of architecture, spiritual symbols and animals on ceramic, wood and slate. If you like what you see in my portfolio, you can purchase my designs direct from the website shop or through my Etsy shop.

I welcome custom orders, so if you would like to create something unique and personal for yourself or a special person in your life then please contact me to discuss your requirements.

As well as creating, I am also offering Reiki Treatments, both online and in person locally along with my husband, Billy, who is also a Reiki Master. We will be offering live and bespoke distant Reiki treatments via video calls meaning people who cannot or do not wish to leave home for treatment. Find out more about our Reiki qualifications and courses here.

I am also now offering personalised and private Yoga and Meditation sessions. At some point I hope to offer local group classes too. You can find out more about my style of Yoga and if it’s for you here.