So why should you care about living ethically?

We are a social species, we rely on others in order to be able to live our lives, not too many of us can sustain ourselves, survive or be happy and live alone in a corner of the world where there are no other people. This may seem like paradise to me at times, but … Continue reading So why should you care about living ethically?


It's the not knowing that gets to you... That's what has been eating away at my brother and the rest of the family. He has just undergone treatment for Lymphoma last year, which the doctors thought was the cause of the 2 tumours in his lungs. Turns out it wasn't, the treatment for the lymphoma … Continue reading Uncertainty

Straw Breath

Let's talk about the power of breath... If you have ever felt stressed or worried, you may have noticed how your breath becomes very short and strained when you feel that way. The effects of stress on the physical body and breath are numerous and none especially good for well-being, but that effect can go … Continue reading Straw Breath

It’s Happening! Shop has launched.

I am so excited to tell you that my Etsy shop has launched today! It's been a full on week with all the preparations, but worth every second. I will be sharing my experiences as I go along and passing on any useful tips along the way. To celebrate the launch, I am offering a … Continue reading It’s Happening! Shop has launched.