Sorry, I got distracted

Oops, it’s been a couple of weeks since I posted. I got a bit distracted. As you know, I have recently moved back to the UK from Sardinia. As I am new to this area and I have no inherent connections to the Shaftesbury area, I wanted to try to connect with some local vegans. After looking on Facebook I couldn’t see a local group, so spontaneously decided to create one. Within 12 hours we had more than 70 members! And I seem to have caused a bit of a stir and ended up being interviewed by the local radio! You can listen to my interview on This is Alfred. I am not sure why it caused such a stir, whether it was the numbers that were joining or concern I was going to start occupying the High Street with mass activism! However, it seems like lots of people have now heard of the new group and we have already organised a vegan picnic get-together after Easter, which I am really looking forward to and can’t wait to meet up with some local vegans.

If you are local to the Shaftesbury area or a visiting vegan, please come along and join our merry group! You can find us here..

Well as you can imagine it’s taken up a bit of my time, and that along with the big push to get enough stock created for my April Markets, I have been a wee bit full on with stuff!!

I have been trialing recipes for some mini eggs for Easter and they are now available to order. I have gone for bags of a dozen mini eggs with flavours of Dark Orange, Dark Mint, Biscoff Oaties, Hazelnut Oaties and Raspberry and Almond Blondies, as well as offering mixed bags.

I have also been creating an online shop with Sumup after the recent fee hikes at Etsy. Don’t worry though if you love to shop at Etsy, I am not closing the Etsy Store down, just giving an alternative option that should hopefully save me a few pennies on fees.

If you are in the local area, please also come along and say hi at the markets in April, I will be at Frome Vegan Fair, Cheese & Grain on 10th May and then 16th April at the Town Hall, Shaftesbury. Also, if there are any tasty vegan treats you really fancy, drop me a line and I’ll see if I can prepare some for you to collect!

Back to work! See you soon!

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